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Originally, my idea was to raise money for a startup idea I had, or still have and intend to meet even if it’s a year or two from now and is put into full motion by cashing in change and selling my Lupus blood to other Lupus patients, even though I feel that wouldn’t be right. I truly believe in paying it forward. I hate money, but unfortunately, life and basic survival depends on it, small or grand, it’s your choice. I gave $4 in change from Duane Reed in NYC on Fifth Ave to a bum who appeared to be new at the homeless thing. He wasn’t begging, but the look of surprise on his face and thanks, yet tad twinge of hate he was even being thought of to need my change from my soda and magazine purchase saddened me. For all I know, he was a big shot stock broker who lost his job, over mortgaged or outrageously priced apartment, and life he once had. I went to college. I read. I know the statistics and the sad, unfortunate downward spiral of homeless people, especially those in New York City. I fear what will come of me the day I turn the age most retire, or my children graduate high school and want to go to College. Our world isn’t what it used to be. If I was rich, this page wouldn’t be asking for personal donations for my little family I willingly created. I didn’t just have children by accident. I planned it against the odds at the turn of an economic downfall and a gamble with my health. I won in a sense with the gift of two adorable loving little boys I would die for, but in a sense, lost my savings, credit, and health. My pride is teetering even asking, however, I still have hope there are people in this world with the charitable nature I have. I spent my younger years volunteering while my health was not that of others my age, but I gave it the best I could in public safety and have memories and a life experience many will never have, and stories to last a lifetime. If I didn’t have children or the current situation I am in physically and finically, I would still be there in a heartbeat. I still get that twinge inside me when I hear the roar of a siren, while also feeling sad for whoever is on the other end waiting for their response and what effect is to come big or small in their life once the first responders finish their call of duty and leave. We were ingrained to always leave behind what we dropped at the hospital, or finished the call with behind us, unless of course we were lucky to later see someone healthy at a later time by chance. If we didn’t, we would be depressed and stressed, and likely never able to volunteer or work again with the weight of all the calls and the outfall on our shoulders. Some calls I held on to, and still do to this day when I drive by certain places or see things in the news. Maybe I was too sensitive. Who knows. All I really know now is this is I have my own personal issues I have sucked up my pride about by blogging and sharing via social networks in hopes others mag feel the same. I am even offering despite my lack of time and stamina to still pay it back in some way, little or small, to each and every single donor that helps my family and me get to where we need to be.

Anyone who reads my blog, follows my rants etc, knows my current situation that I have finally allowed reality to overcome my pride due to a $2500+ Peco Electric bill due on May 4th, health insurance that hit the donut hole in January throwing my copays for medication alone over $3,000/month of which I can’t afford and NEED to survive, my car payment I let go this month to put food on the table, car & homeowners insurance due in a few days I can’t afford and need even more so right now since I was recently robbed, mounting costs to raise two toddlers, both of which are special needs children, etc..

I don’t qualify for special assistance because the government feels $750/month (after my MediCARE health insurance premium from social security disability) is more than enough to support two toddlers and myself. Their father, actually gives me every last cent he has left from his paycheck each week after working 40-60hrs at salary, without overtime, to help with my mounting healthcare costs, after he pays his necessary bills, which is far more than he would is even required to do, and technically isn’t required to in the first place, but to answer everyone’s questions, yes he has stepped up to the plate above and beyond.

Please note:

– If you Send a donation to Paypal using the above button, or going to their site and sending to the email address QuirkyMurphy@Gmail.com , PayPal charges NOTHING to me per transaction via “send $ to family and friends” or just under 3% per transaction on my end at the donation page or GoFundMe charges me 9% per transaction… Just because the date is rapidly approaching and I am nowhere near my goal, doesn’t mean every little cent, big or small donation, or click of a share button via social media won’t benefit in someway, even after the date passes…

– If you donate via the GoFundMe account, I am charged roughly 9% per transaction, and don’t get the funds immediately, as I do with Paypal.

– If sick animals can raise $5,000, $10,000+++, I am hoping I can reach our goal as well.

– EVERY donation, regardless of amount, will be rewarded in some way, even if donated before I am able to finally get the donation rewards or incentive rewards level tiers up and running. <\em>

Thanks to all of those who have helped in some shape or form!!!!<\strong>



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